Sunday, August 28, 2011


Have not posted here for a while so I thought I would get some updated pics of us here.
I am pressed for time this morning so will just add what I have for now...keep an eye out there are more to come...
 Rhey and Zebb


 Two of my favourite friends
Chris and Judy

Beautiful Rheyanan...

Monday, August 23, 2010

My 40th 2006

I am trying to store some of these Pictures online in case they get lost or die somewhere.
We went to Kapsali's Restaurant at Southbank in Brisbane for my 40th. We had a few friends come and join us for dinner.
Allorah and Rheyanan being crazy
They made belly dance with this skinny belly dancer...I mean how possibly could you be a skinny belly dancer??? kind or defeats the purpose.

Rachel Allorah and Sam doing their own version of a belly dance.

Wayne looking like He is about to vomit. He didn't by the way.

Leah and VJ...

My very Good friend Sharon and another good friend Jax

Steve and Janelle Parker

two of the most wonderful missionaries I know Scott and Tracy

Me with my cousin Cherie.

I like this picture of Jacqui.

the Girls.

Cherie and I again...

Elijah with Grandad and Grandma...

Crazy Girls.

Uncle John and Aunty Floss...

Mighty Mouse (Caleb) and Blocka (Elijah)

Naomi and Aaron...

Wayne's Mum, Dad, Step Mum Tina, Sister Paula and her partner Sue.

Long table shot.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Dad

Dad was around 17 in this has always been my favourite picture of Mum and Dad. It makes me think how happy life was once for them.
please Pray for Him as he is fighting for his life.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The First post

Well this is the first post I am putting up here...the beginning of a new Blog.

this Blog will be where I post most of my Life Stuff instead of putting it on My craft Blog.

well some may know we have been flooded here in our new home. the carpet has just finished drying and the carpet cleaner has taken away all the blowers etc so Allorah can move her stuff back in. we will have to wait till tomorrow to move the heavy furniture in as Wayne Will not be able to lift it on his own (but i bet he tries).

so adieu until we meet again.